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Guidelines for Computer Use

UW Colleges Computing Usage Guidelines: "The use of computing and networking resources is primarily for purposes related to the University's mission of education, research, and public service." UW-Marathon County students and faculty doing class work and research always have first priority for computer use.

Individuals currently not enrolled at UW-Marathon County or collaborative degree students are welcome to use the library computers, but they must adhere to all established usage policies. These individuals may be asked to vacate a computer at any time, as necessary, in order to make equipment or software available for UW-Marathon County or collaborative degree students.

For personal computer use (such as game playing, chatting, personal business transactions), please contact your local public library.

Students and non-students should respectfully limit their use of the computers for non-course related internet "surfing", extended email sessions, and other personal or "entertainment" activities, particularly during times of heavy demand for the computers. Anybody engaging in these activities may be asked to vacate a computer at any time, as necessary, in order to make equipment or software available for students who need to complete course assignments.

Users may not download, install, remove, or alter software or configuration of the computers in any way. This includes downloading/installation of browser plugins, instant messenger clients, etc. Non-students are referred to off-campus resources in order to accomplish any functions that cannot be completed with the software presently installed on the campus computers.

Individuals who do not comply with these guidelines will, at a minimum, be asked to leave the computers and/or library. Repeated failure to follow the guidelines will, at a minimum, result in loss of computer and/or library privileges.

Wireless Access: The library and campus have an open wireless network which can be accessed from your phones, tablets, or laptops. Please stop in the library if you have questions.

Food & Drink Policy

The university community is encouraged to use the library as a place for research, study, reflection, and leisure. To promote a welcoming environment, the library permits the consumption of food and drink on the premises.

The University Libraries' food and drink policy endeavors to accommodate our users and to encourage the use of library resources while protecting the university's substantial investment in the collections and technology. Some restrictions on the consumption of food are necessary because the presence of food and drink in the library introduces the potential for damage. Also, food and drink not discarded appropriately invite pest infestation that can lead to widespread damage to the print collections.

  • Food and drinks are permitted in all areas of the Library, except:
    • Library PC workstations
    • Writing Center PC workstations
    • DVD and VHS viewing stations
    • Library listening lab
  • Food and drinks should not be carried into the book and periodical stacks.
  • Drinks are permitted in covered containers only.
  • Food and drink refuse is to be discarded in trash receptacles.
  • Spilled food or drink should be cleaned immediately with paper towels available in all restrooms.