Notable Gifts

Judd S. Alexander Foundation

  • 100,000 challenge grant to the Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • $53,983 for UWMC's Minority Access initiative
  • Other significant contributions

James and Susan Skinner

  • $140,000 stock and cash contributions, establishing permanent scholarships memorializing deceased friends and providing other campus support

John Runkel

  • $100,000 - establishing the John Runkel scholarship fund and annual faculty community service award
  • $385,000 in stock bequeathed upon his death

Frank Steffes

  • Bequeathed $100,000 prior to his passing, thus establishing the Frank J. Steffes memorial scholarship

Steffes Family

  • $100,000 contributed/pledged, establishing the Verna & Henry Steffes scholarship fund, honoring the parents of five children

Irene Hammer

  • Bequeathed $55,000 prior to her passing, to continue the Thomas Hammer scholarship

Marion Urban

  • $51,000 stock contribution to the Endowed Scholarship Fund, memorializing a family member

Nancy Frawley

  • $37,000 contribution to the Endowed Scholarship Fund memorializing Gladys Phillips plus additional annual contributions

Freeman Family Partnership

  • $30,000 to establish the Distinguished Faculty Society

Wausau Homes

  • $30,000 to establish the Wausau Homes Writing Center plus additional significant annual contributions

Family of Tom & Mary Murphy

  • $30,000 plus additional annual contributions endowing an annual scholarship honoring their parents, Tom and Mary Murphy

Greenheck Fan Corporation 

  • $25,000 contribution to the Endowed Scholarship Fund plus $5,000 annual contributions

Family and Friends of Barney Viste

  • $20,000 in contributions establishing the Marian "Barney" Viste Memorial Anthropology Scholarship

David Skinner

  • $20,000 in scholarships donated in the name of his father, James Skinner

B.A. and Esther Greenheck Family Foundation

  • $15,000 for renovation of the planetarium

Thom and Taffy Williams

  • $13,000 contribution to the Endowed Scholarship Fund memorializing a family member

Jim Perry

  • $12,000 establishing the Irene Perry memorial scholarship

John Tobakos

  • $11,000 stock contribution to the Endowed Scholarship Fund memorializing a family member

Lee and Billie Miskowski and Ford Motor Company matching gifts

  • $10,000 contribution to the Endowed Scholarship Fund

Stettin Lions Club

  • $10,000 contribution to the Endowed Scholarship Fund

E O Johnson

  • $10,000 establishing the E O and LaVerne Johnson scholarship fund

Murco Foundation

  • $10,000 contribution toward purchase of campus sculpture, plus significant annual contributions for scholarships

Gregory M Zabrowski Family & Friends

  • $10,000 in initial contributions plus additional annual contributions endowing an annual scholarship memorializing Gregory M. Zabrowski

Clyde F. Schlueter Foundation

  • $5,000 to purchase donor software for UWMC Foundation plus
  • $5,000 annually to fund 5 scholarships, awarded to students pursuing collaborative degree bachelor's programs

Wausau Health Foundation

  • $7,500 contributed annually for students pursuing medically oriented careers

Harvey Nelson Charitable Trust

  • Significant annual contributions supporting faculty & staff research and development