Connections Annual Report

UW-Marathon County Connects with...

The Wisconsin Idea

"The boundaries of the campus are the boundaries of the state."

The Community

"UWMC has a history of leadership in working collectively and collaboratively to strengthen the ties that bind our community."
- Jean Tehan


"UWMC is an excellent and economical way for area adult students to continue their educational journey."
- Dr. John Hattenhauer


"UWMC...provides a strong foundation for local businesses as they look to recruit, train, and provide a vibrant environment for their employees."
- Clay Norrbom


"A university's success is grounded in its ability to create strong, vibrant relationships with the community."
- Sandra Smith

The Arts

"Students who have been exposed to the arts learn to explore many options, think divergently, and question what is true and what is not true."
- Tom Fleming


"Everything we do is identified with community needs."
- Eric Giordano

About UW-Marathon County in the Community

Connections is the result of a community collaboration led by the UWMC Foundation.