Meet Our Alumni

Meet a few of the many successful UWMC alumni:

Ben Vogel, UWMC Alumnus


Public School Administrator

"The teachers at UW-Marathon County got me ready to face the academic challenges I'd face later... it was great preparation. It certainly wasn't easy academically, but it was a caring environment. And as a student, I made a lot of great connections with other people there."

Scott Stachowiak, UWMC Alumnus


Broadcast Producer for ABC's "World News Now"

"While I kind of chose UWMC by default, it turned out to be one of the better decisions of my life. There was an outstanding instructor-to-student ratio. My time there was well spent, and it served as an educational bridge, giving me time to figure out what I wanted to do and where I wanted to do it."

Brad Berndt, UWMC Alumnus


Associate Director of Athletics, Duke University

"When I was at UWMC, I gained an appreciation for the importance of a strong liberal arts background. I learned to write well and speak well, the two most important skills I use every day in my job. I was in small classes, mentored by great professors who instilled in me a desire to learn."

Greg Ewan, UWMC Alumnus


Mechanical Engineer, Greenheck Fan Corporation

“I loved being at the MC. If I could have replicated that experience for my whole college career, I would have. It was very family oriented and prepared me well for UW-Platteville. The professors were top notch. They had high expectations.”

Lee Miskowski, UWMC Alumnus


Retired Vice President, Ford Motor Company
General Manager, Lincoln-Mercury Division

"The University of Wisconsin-Marathon County gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. It was a great launching pad of not only my work career, but of my entire life's development."

Kay Gruling, M.D., UWMC Alumna


Family Practice Marshfield Clinic - Wausau Center

"The personal attention I received from the outstanding UWMC faculty, in addition to the opportunity for involvement in a variety of activities, provided me with the cornerstone necessary for a successful future."

Jim Perry, UWMC Alumnus


Retired CEO/Campus Dean, UW-Fox Valley Valley

"I shudder to think of what I might be doing today if it were not for UW-Marathon County. I decided to attend UWMC because of it's academic reputation and reasonable cost. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Dave Obey, UWMC Alumnus


Retired U.S. Congressman

"Without the UW-Marathon campus I would not be a member of Congress today. The Wausau campus opened a very large door for me. My two years there gave me the confidence that I needed to do well at the UW-Madison campus. UWMC is one of the links on the chain of possibilities that can make quality education available to everyone."

Chris Bangle, UWMC Alumnus


Former Chief of Design, BMW - Munich, Germany

"Although I did not know it at the time, I was fortunate to have studied the fundamental building blocks for design management while I was at UWMC. Those two years before design college were the best investment in my future I could have made."

Marv Schuette, UWMC Alumnus (deceased)


Former President, Wausau Homes Inc.

"UWMC was the wake-up call and the stepping stone to the Madison Campus, where the scholastic challenges for me became opportunities. The big arena and social interactions gave me the confidence and determination to be effective in the business world."

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