Video Conferencing

Cost and convenience are the key benefits to using video conferencing.

Video conferencing costs a fraction of what it takes to bring several people together at one site for a meeting, especially if air travel is involved. Video conferencing minimizes travel, giving employees a more productive use of their valuable time. And video conferencing saves you and your employees from the inevitable travel fatigue.

Who uses our video conferencing facilities?

  • Attorneys use the facilities for long distance depositions and interviews.
  • Education organizations conduct statewide trainings, thinktank sessions, job interviews and job performance reviews. 
  • Government offices hold public hearings using video technology.
  • Corporate users conduct sales presentations, department meetings and job interviews via video conferencing.
  • International companies use our video conferencing facilities to conduct sales presentations with clients in other countries.

What technology is available at UW-Marathon County?

  • Three video conference rooms, capacity up to 28 participants
  • Computer, DVD and electronic document presentation capabilities
  • Video recording of conferences, depositions, meetings
  • Group teleconferencing and web conferencing capability
  • Ability to connect via ISDN, H.323 to other sites
  • Supporting H.329 people + content technology
  • Fully-trained technical operator present during conferencing

What is the cost of video conferencing?

Private businesses, agencies, or manufacturers: $150 per hour

State of Wisconsin, K-12 schools, public or non-profit agencies: $30 per hour

University of Wisconsin campuses: $15 per hour

* Technical support charge: An additional 1/2 hour per event is added for technical support and set up. Invoicing will be based on the reserved amount of time. Additional charges may apply outside of regular business hours. Additional line or bridging charges may also apply depending on the conference. Call for individual quotes.

Cancellation policy: Notification of cancelled events must occur 48 hours prior to the event.  Failure to notify of cancellation will result in full charges being invoiced.


To inquire about or make a videoconference reservation, please complete the Facility Reservation Request.