Marathon Hall Staff

Professional Staff

Our professional staff come to UW-Marathon County with a desire to serve students. From the policies upheld and the programs implemented, to the maintenance and custodial aspects; our job is to make your stay safe, comfortable, educational, and fun. 

We realize that often the changes experienced during college can be difficult and we will do what we can to ensure a smooth transition. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have!
Residence Life Office

Applying for Student Staff Positions

Community Advisor (CA)

Become a CA in Marathon Hall! As a staff member, the CA serves as a resource to residents. The CA lives in Marathon Hall and eats in the UWMC dining facilities. The primary role of a CA is to facilitate individual and community development within the hall and to make personal connections with all residents. As members of the hall community, CAs have the responsibility to assist floor members in developing and maintaining an active, cooperative, and study-conducive atmosphere. CAs also plan events that expose students to new ideas and promote social interaction. Contact for more information.