Residence Hall

Attending College is not only about earning a degree. It's also about creating life-long friendships and learning things like teamwork, social interaction and a sense of self. Studies from universities across the nation show that students that live on campus at any point during their post-secondary education are more involved in campus life and are more likely to complete their education.

At Marathon Hall you'll experience this and so much more! Here you'll have the opportunity to be apart of Residence Hall Association (RHA) and help plan educational and social programming which will have a positive impact in the lives of those around you.

Marathon Hall holds 160 students in double rooms. Kitchen facilities are available, along with a quiet study lounge, TV lounge, computer area and pool table room. The Residence Hall Director lives on site.

In addition to food and drink services at the Hall front desk, a full cafeteria in the main campus building offers several meal plan options. Visit the Resident Meal Plans page for more information.

Marathon Hall Contract Agreement

Prior to taking residence in Marathon Hall, all students are required to sign a contract agreement and turn it in to the Residence Life Office along with the $150 security deposit.

Students will be provided a copy of this contract upon receiving the blue contract agreement card. Please read the contract carefully before signing the blue contract agreement card.

Information for Residents

Marathon Hall is an exciting, supportive place to live right on campus. Residents rejoice with each other over personal achievements, support each other when life throws challenges, and make life-long friendships along the way.

Marathon Hall Resident Handbook

For information not included in handbook, contact:

Residence Hall Director


Marathon Hall is located on the corner of South 7th and Garfield Avenues. It is across the street from the field house and main academic building.

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