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Keith Montgomery

Regional Executive Officer and Dean
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RM 226
(715) 261-6223

I am originally from Scotland (B.Sc. Glasgow) and I lived in Canada for over 13 years (M.A., Ph.D. Waterloo) before joining the UW Colleges in 1991.

I teach at UW Marathon County (UWMC) in Wausau. The courses I teach include physical geography, meteorology, geology, and conservation. I teach occasionally in the Colleges online program. My research investigates the history of geology and the relationship between science and religion in the 17th and 18th Centuries. In addition to scholarly publications, I have written several Op-Ed features in the Wausau Daily Herald on this relationship in connection with modern-day "intelligent design." Until recently, I was Chair of the Department of Geography and Geology of the Colleges; presently I Chair UWMC's Steering Committee.

Outside of school, I am on the Wausau School District Board of Education, where I serve on the Operations and Finance Committee and the Policy and Legislative Action Committee. I also serve on the District's negotiating team with the WEA-Wausau Educator's Association.

My hobbies include golf (more practice than play) and listening to jazz and classical music (the latter two best done with a glass of malt in hand).

Above all else, I like Bach choral music: St. John Passion (Auh! Auh! Amazing performance! If this doesn't make your hair stand on end then I don't know what will. The entire performance is playlisted on the right side of the YouTube page). I also like the Mass in B minor (try the "Kyrie" in this characteristically syrupy Richter version), and the occasional cantata such as "Gottes zeit" (first half; beautiful second half) or "Lass, Furstin" (the beautiful tenor aria "Der Ewigkeit Saphirnes").

BTW, the Monteverdi Choir in this St. John Passion must be the best-looking choir in the business -- see if you don't agree. It is interesting to compare this choir, orchestra, and John Eliot Gardiner to an earlier iteration of both (is it just dress, or has physical type actually changed since the 70s and 80s? I think they look better fed nowadays).

I am also a huge fan of the late classical pianist Glenn Gould and Bach's "Goldberg" Variations (comparisons here also; full performance of the best ever Goldbergs here -- by Gould, of course). Other performance extracts here -- great view of Gould in his younger years; and a highly idiosyncratic "Emperor" concerto here -- he did like foolin' around with the phrasing! And then there'sthat little seat from childhood he used all his career  . . .

I enjoy Wagner's "Ring Cycle" and reading whatever I can that relates to it (which includes some classical Greek drama in addition to the Norse legends of the Volsunga Saga and the Voluspa). For cheap thrills, try a couple of selections from the end of Act 1 of Die Valküre: "Schläfst du Gast..." (starting at 1:00) and "Siegmund heiss' ich" (long live Walsung blood!). And the great finale as Wotan sadly takes his leave of his Valküre daughter, Brünnhilde: "Leb Wohl, du Kühnes" (you've got to listen to the whole thing). Beyond "Der Ring," I am also somewhat partial to Lohengrin and Tristan und Isolde.

Jazz-wise I tend to like blues (Jackie McLean, Booker Ervin -- nothing on U-Tube yet worthwhile).

Movies: totally chick flicks (anything Jane Austin) -- don't ask me why  

In addition to golf (above), I work out every day at the local "Y" in the winter and cycle outside in the summer.

I am married and we have two children, both girls -- one a college junior (Grinnell IA)  and the other a grad student in Eng. Lit. at U. Iowa. We have two dogs (both Shelties -- Maisie, a sable, and Esha, a tri-color), and a cat (Pip, a grey-striped tabby).

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  • Wrote short column for the Wausau Daily Herald, February 23, 2002, "McManus column illogical, divisive."
  • Opinion article: "Muslims' central beliefs are similar to Christians'" Wausau Daily Herald, 12 October 2001, p.6A
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  • Op-Ed Wisconsin State Journal: "Energy efficiency: It's like a bet we can't lose" (12/19/99)

Ph.D. University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (1986) 
M.A. University of Waterloo, Ontario Canada (1980) 
B.Sc. University of Glasgow, Great Britain (1978)

Awards & Associations


  • UW-Centers Arthur D. Kaplan Teaching Fellowship, 1996-1997
  • UW-Centers Summer Research Grants 1992, 1995
  • UW-Center Marathon County Foundation Summer Research Grants 1993, 1996
  • University of Wisconsin Teaching Fellowship 1992

Professional Associations

  • Geological Society of America
  • National Council for Geographic Education
  • National Association of Geoscience Teachers
  • Wisconsin Geographical Society
  • Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters