The Ahrnsbrak Room, named after Henry C. Ahrnsbrak, the director and dean of UW-Marathon County from 1947 to 1965, serves as UWMC’s art gallery. The gallery is large, featuring 40 feet of uninterrupted wall space on one side, 35 feet on two adjacent walls and five feet and another 12 feet across on the opposite wall. The room’s track lighting adjusts to accommodate different spot-lighting needs, and a full spectrum fluorescent lighting is available to provide a more natural, daylight experience.

Different exhibits have been and can be installed in the space, including an oversized, light bright sculpture (MFA graduate student from the University of Minnesota); a model railroad layout with a Lionel engine running through various art installations (Associate Professor Diana Budde’s Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service community art exhibition); glass work displayed on pedestals (MFA graduate student from UW-Madison), paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, ceramics and animation.

UWMC also has a small gallery in the UW Center for Civic Engagement. Inside the gallery, Professor Tom Fleming’s glass and metal sculpture, “Rebuilding the Nineteenth Question,” is on permanent display. One wall is available for exhibition space. To learn more, send an email to Tom Fleming at

Ahrnsbrak Room layout