Art Awards & Scholarships

Appel Artist Award

This is considered the highest honor given by the art department. This award provides for a major funded exhibition of the student's work to be held 3 or 4 years after leaving UWMC. Along with the exhibition, a substantial catalogue is published covering the work.

Appel Scholarship

This is a partial tuition scholarship for an Art major who has submitted a collection of their work for review. 

After the art faculty has examined the student's work a recommendation is made to the Scholarship and Awards Committee. Portfolio Review is in the Spring by appointment or by viewing an exhibition of the students work. 

Art Majors Award

This award selects a number of art students to travel to New York and experience the heart of contemporary art, through visiting world-class museums and galleries. The length of time is approximately 4 days during Spring break.

Students must have a declared art or art-related major to be eligible, with at least 6 credits in art to be considered. Students who have already completed a BA or BFA degree in an art-related field are not eligible.

Carlton Hill Award

This is a tuition scholarship for those who graduate from Wausau East or D. C. Everest High Schools and who are planning to major in Art, Creative Writing or Journalism. Incoming Freshman are chosen by the UWMC Scholarship and Awards Committee based on recommendations and High School academic record. 

Departmental Distinction Award

The recipient of this award has had a strong influence, through their work and method of working, on other students in the department, and has also contributed to the spirit and vigor of the department.

Easton Shryne Memorial Scholarship

The Easton Shryne Memorial Scholarship was established by Mary McCarthy in honor of her son, Easton, a UWMC art student.  Four awards are given annually.

Festival of the Arts Award

This award is given by the Wausau Festival of the Arts for the "best" art student of the year. After examining classroom work, student exhibitions and qualities important for success, the art faculty nominates a recipient to the Scholarship and Awards Committee.

John S. Newberry Award

This is an award for creativity in any field of learning and is open to all students of UWMC who are full time and are in good academic standing. Application to the Newberry Award Committee every spring is needed to be considered. 

The Wisconsin Valley Art Association Art Award

This award is given by the Wisconsin Valley Art Association for an outstanding art student continuing at UWMC. The student must also qualify for financial aid.