Basic Skills Program

This program gives help in basic mathematics and English. Its courses will assist you with the transition from high school to university work, improve your background by developing English and math skills, and in general support your effort toward a successful university experience.

The need for the English and math skills courses will be indicated by placement testing. Basic skills courses carry non-degree credits. Fees are the same as for degree credit courses.

ENG 098 - Basics of Composition

3 non-degree credits

A study of fundamental writing skills, including grammatical conventions, usage, sentence structure, paragraph development and the organization of short essays.

ENG 099 - Basic Writing Tutorial

3 non-degree credits

Intended primarily for students concurrently enrolled in basics of Composition or Composition I, this tutorial will provide individualized instruction to help students develop the fundamental writing skills and basic techniques of composition required for success in those courses and in higher-level composition courses.

LEA 101 - Speed and Efficiency in Reading 

3 non-degree credits

Designed for developing vocabulary and comprehension skills and to learn to analyze challenging materials for immediate understanding. This course covers skills necessary for succeeding in college, including study skills, time management, academic planning, reading skills, test taking strategies, note taking, research writing and critical thinking.

LEA 102 - Learning Skills

1 - 3 non-degree credits

This course is designed for the student who needs to develop generalized learning skills. Areas of study may include managing time, taking notes, reading and studying textbooks, reading comprehension, developing vocabulary, organizing the research paper and making oral presentations.

LEA 106 - Multi-lingual Writers Workshop

An English course that helps multi-lingual students learn how to study, read and write at the college level.

MAT 090 - Basic Mathematics

2 - 3 non-degree credits

Designed for students with minimum algebra background or who have been away from mathematics for several years. Subject areas to be covered include arithmetic of whole numbers, fraction and decimals, ratios and percents, and basic algebraic concepts. Prepares the student for MAT 091.

MAT 091 - Elementary Algebra

3 non-degree credits

Intended for students with little or no previous algebra. Topics include the real number system and operations with real numbers and algebraic expressions, linear equations and inequalities, polynomials, factoring and introduction to quadratic equations.


Talk to an academic advisor in the Solution Center to see if you would benefit from enrolling in Basic Skills classes. Call 715-261-6235 for an appointment.