International Students at the Wisconsin Capitol Building

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Academic Services

UW-Marathon County is committed to student academic success through individualized tutoring services and English as a Second Language (ESL) support classes. All academic services are on campus and are free.

Wausau Homes Learning Center

Need help writing a paper? Struggling with English grammar and sentence structure? The Wausau Homes Learning Center provides students with tutors and paper-writing assistance. No writing question is too small or too big for students to ask!

Tutoring Lab

UW-Marathon County has a tutor lab with tutors for most math and science courses. Other class specific tutors can be made available upon request.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes

UW-Marathon County offers a reading, writing and oral communication class for international students.

Immigration Resources

Navigating the immigration process can be confusing. You will find current information about becoming an international student in the United States when you visit these websites.

Community Connections & Friendship Families

To help accommodate students to their new living environment, each student will be matched with a Community Connection Family. A Community Connection Family is not a home-stay or live-in program, but a local community member who will take time to connect with students every month. The Community Connection Family will provide a student with on-going social interaction and support throughout the school year.

Being involved with a Community Connection Family gives students the great opportunity to practice their English and become immersed in the American culture. Our Community Connection Families have many years of experience hosting international students and enjoy helping students discover their new home at UW-Marathon County!