College for Kids

College for Kids

fun projects at College for Kids

33 Years of Fun Summer Learning!

Sampling of Class Choices:

  • Phun with Photoshop
  • Gone Fishing
  • Model Rockets
  • Fun with Biology: Bugs & Plants, Oh My!
  • World Languages
  • Cultural Dance
  • Martial Arts

Scholarships have been generously provided by local foundations, businesses and individuals. The guidelines for free and reduced school lunches are used as a basis for determining eligibility. However, extenuating circumstances such as large medical bills and job layoffs are also considered. Please see Youth Program catalog for details.

“I liked everything at College for Kids. It is the best summer camp ever!” - Brandon (1st grader)

For More Information

Contact the UWMC Continuing Education Department, 715-261-6294 

cultural dance experience