MUSH Literary Magazine

Mush, a literature and art magazine produced by the students, comes out every spring, just before finals. Copies are free to students, and sold to community members. Contact Jill Stukenberg at

To work on Mush, register for ENG 205: Literary Magazines or join the UWMC Writer’s Club, the Writers’ Lounge.

Submitting Work for MUSH

The Spring 2015 issue will be a special edition focused on the work of UWMC and NTC students. Current UWMC and NTC students are invited to submit their original and previously unpublished poems, stories, creative non-fiction, plays, comics, manga, or art work by emailing files to: Submissions will close October 17, 2014.  For further updates, “like” our Facebook page or follow our blog:

Submit up to 5 total works of writing and 5 total works of art. Please include your name, contact info, and brief bio, including whether you are a UWMC or NTC student, in your email. Shorter works (less than 2,000 words) likely to get best consideration, due to space. Artwork should be submitted as jpeg files, with photos of 300 dpi quality or greater. Raw files may be later requested. Selections made by UWMC student editors in English 205: Literary Magazines.

For more information, contact:

English Instructor Jill Stukenberg, Office: 323

By mail:

UW-Marathon County
c/o Jill Stukenberg
518 S. 7th Avenue
Wausau, WI 54401