Clubs & Organizations

Student organizations and campus clubs offer opportunities for students to share similar interests while enhancing skills, which can bolster resumes, references, and scholarship applications.

Student Organizations

Campus Clubs

All clubs must submit registrations forms each year to be active.

To create a campus club, you need:

  • a constitution stating the club's purpose and meeting schedule
  • an election of four student officers
  • a faculty or staff advisor

Officially chartered clubs can request up to $500 from the Student Government Association and utilize campus resources such as meeting rooms and bulletin boards.

Club Registration Form
Fund Request Form
Activity Liability Waiver

Club Resources

Club Handbook
Registration Checklist
Advisor Expectations Worksheet
Suggested Constitution Format

For additional information, please contact:

Student Government Association
Room 186


Matt Greenberg
Student Activities Coordinator
Room 162

2013-2014 Registered Clubs

A Cappella

A group of members who come together to make a cappella music. The group will perform at locations TBD throughout the school year.

Advisor: Tim Buchholz


To promote and protect the civil liberties and civil rights of all people in Wisconsin in a non-partisan manner, especially as this pertains to UW-Marathon County students, student groups, and members of the surrounding community.  We will strive to raise awareness of civil liberties issues, and to safeguard those civil liberties both on and off campus.

Advisor: Chris Kroh


Advisors: Kris McCaslin and Katie Kalish


A club for students majoring in Business, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Marketing or a related field. Activities geared towards giving students exposer to those fields.

Advisor: Hamid Milani

Collegiate 4-H

Members of the Collegiate 4-H will have the opportunity to positively impact and educate youth throughout Marathon County through various events and programs.

Advisor: Amber Ruff-Brei


We are a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. All people, regardless of background, are welcome to check us out!

Advisor: Marlowe Embree


Our group brings together a passion and love for theatre.  We attend professional performances at the Guthrie, Milwaukee Rep, and other similar theatres.

Advisor: Sarah Rudolph


The UWMC Gaffer Club is about appreciating art work such as glass blowing by studying and manipulating the flow of glass, so that we can create beautiful art work for everyone to enjoy on campus.

Advisor: Tom Fleming

Geography and Geology Club

The club serves to create interest and awareness in subjects of geography and geology.  It also allows a chance for one to increase their knowledge in the subject through activities like field trips and workshops.

Advisor: Lisa Siewert

Global Connections

Provides a common ground of understanding between individuals of various ethnic origins at UWMC through social, cultural and education activities.

Advisor: Matt Greenberg 

Health Careers

To expand the health care knowledge of all UWMC students while empowering students to become leaders in health care professions.  We will be volunteering and providing opportunities to get involved on campus.

Health Careers Constitution

Advisor: Patti Thwaits

Helping Hands

A club that does various volunteer activities around the community.

Helping Hands Constitution

Advisor: Jim Rosenberg

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

We are here to establish a community on campus that seeks authentic relationships with one another and with God for the purposes of growing in faith and displaying God's love.

Advisor: Gigi Koenig

Men’s Husky Volleyball

This is a club for those who want to become better at volleyball.  Anyone can join the club.  The more people, the better!

Advisor:  Matt Greenberg

Movie Club

Students will be asked to participate in events such as watching movies at the college and occasional off-campus events.

Advisor: David Dettman

Open Arms

To help students better understand topics such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, etc. by providing information and positive outlets.

Advisor: Chris Wilbur

Political Society

This is a club to assemble students to discuss political issues in a nonpartisan setting; provide a place for students to debate and improve their debate skills; and improve student involvement and understanding of politics.

Advisor: Chris Kroh

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Advisor: Holly Hassel

Table Top

Are you bored or just need a break from homework? Then come join the Tabletop society. We will be playing card games like Rummy to Magic the Gathering and board games like Monopoly to Settlers of Caton. View the Table Top Constitution.

Advisor: Doug Hosler

Writers' Lounge

A creative writing club open to all students. The Writers' Lounge also works with MUSH editors to help and support the MUSH magazine. Published and beginning writers are involved in this club.

Advisor: Jill Stukenberg