Clubs & Organizations

Student organizations and campus clubs offer opportunities for students to share similar interests while enhancing skills, which can bolster resumes, references, and scholarship applications.

Student Organizations

Campus Clubs

All clubs must submit registrations forms each year to be active.

To create a campus club, you need:

  • a constitution stating the club's purpose and meeting schedule
  • an election of four student officers
  • a faculty or staff advisor

Officially chartered clubs can request up to $500 from the Student Government Association and utilize campus resources such as meeting rooms and bulletin boards.

Club Registration Form
Fund Request Form
Activity Liability Waiver

Club Resources

Club Handbook
Registration Checklist
Advisor Expectations Worksheet
Suggested Constitution Format

For additional information, please contact:

Student Government Association
Room 186


Office of Student Affairs
(715) 261-6235 or Toll-free 1-888-FOR-UWMC
For more information by e-mail:

2014-2015 Registered Clubs

Anime Club

Art Club

UWMC Business Club
The purpose of our organization is to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, and business.  This will be accomplished by attending business events, such as local business events, such as local business speakers and tours.  Also by community service and fundraising.

Marathon County Code Monkeys
Our group attends Computer Science conferences and competes in programming competitions.

Collegiate 4-H
Members of Collegiate 4-H will have the opportunity to positively impact and educate youth and adults throughout Marathon County through various events and programs.

We are a caring community of UWMC and NTC students passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.

Drama Club

Drama club is a weekly gathering for students who love the performing arts.  We will discuss activities such as performing improve in the commons, performing short plays, seeing theater, and fundraising for a New York theatre trip.

Gaffers Club
The study and discussion of blown glass and techniques. Organization of club sales and trips regarding glass studies and demonstrations.

UW-Marathon County Red Cross Club
The UWMC RCC is a humanitarian club.  As a Red Cross Club, we will create, plan, and participate in service projects that will help the school, the community, and make an impact around the globe.  The RCC offers many opportunities for self-development, and empower its members to build critical leadership skills.  And of course, the RCC can be a fun, energetic experience.

Universal Students Association
This club will serve to unite International Students and traditional students around a common cause of friendship and community.

UWMC American Civil Liberties Union

The Writer’s Lounge
A group of writes on campus who want to help aspiring writers.  We also produce MUSH Magazine.