Clubs & Organizations

Student organizations and campus clubs offer opportunities for students to share similar interests while enhancing skills, which can bolster resumes, references, and scholarship applications.

Student Organizations

Campus Clubs

All clubs must submit registrations forms each year to be active.

To create a campus club, you need:

  • a constitution stating the club's purpose and meeting schedule
  • an election of four student officers
  • a faculty or staff advisor

Officially chartered clubs can request up to $500 from the Student Government Association and utilize campus resources such as meeting rooms and bulletin boards.

Club Registration Form
Fund Request Form
Activity Liability Waiver

Club Resources

Club Handbook
Registration Checklist
Advisor Expectations Worksheet
Suggested Constitution Format

For additional information, please contact:

Student Government Association
Room 186

Solution Center
Toll-free 1-888-FOR-UWMC


Registered Clubs 2015-16

Business Club

Creative Writers' Lounge

CRU – Campus Crusade for Christ


  • Primary Contact: Dylan Resch
  • Advisor: Ellen Kemnitz
  • Description: An organization of students interested in marketing and business who test their skills in DECA competitions.

Drama Club

Engineering Club

Non-Traditional Student's Club

  • Description: to enhance academic and social opportunities for non-traditional students.

Tabletop Gaming Club