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Network Username & Password Help

In order to logon to PRISM, D2L, e-mail or the campus computers you must obtain your network username and password. 

Campus E-mail

Students should check their campus e-mail frequently for important campus information. 
Access Campus Email.

Student e-mail addresses are comprised of their campus network username followed by
Obtain your e-mail username and password.


To use the wireless network at UWMC you have to first connect to UWMC's public wireless network. Open your wireless internet connections on your laptop, find mthpublic, and click connect. Once you are connected to mthpublic, open an Internet browser. Please see an IT staff person in the computer lab or library for assistance if needed.


Your Technology Fee provides 200 pages or $10 at $.05/per single-sided page of standard (black) printing each semester. Color printing is available in the computer lab (rooms 145 -146) and the library. Color printing costs $0.25 per single-sided page. Additional pages can be purchased in the Business Office in $2.00 blocks.

You can check your current print balance and print job history by double clicking the print balance icon on any campus computer desktop and logging in with your username and password.

Selecting Printers & Print Properties

By default, printing will be in black only. You must choose the color printer from the Printer Name field. Go to File and select Print. Choose a printer by dropping down the Printer Name field. Select the printer. In many cases the default is also double-sided prints - this may also be changed in the print properties if you would prefer single-sided. Please ask for assistance if needed.

Network Storage Space

You have use of storage space on our campus network to keep your personal documents. Your files can be saved and retrieved from "My Documents" on any network computer. All material in "My Documents" will be deleted after the last day of final exams each semester.

Desire 2 Learn (D2L)

Desire2Learn (D2L) is the UW Colleges course management system. It provides a way for your instructors to integrate online materials and activities into your courses. Many of the courses you will take at UWMC will require you to use D2L.

  • You can access D2L from the campus homepage or by going to
  • To sign in to D2L, use your network username and password.
  • Courses you are currently enrolled in that use D2L will be listed on your D2L homepage on the course start date, or 1-2 business days after enrolling if you enroll after the start date.

D2L Troubleshooting:


PRISM is the UW Colleges online registration system.  It shows where students can schedule classes, find out tuition balances, view financial aid information, final grades, and more. Use your network username and password to log in.

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Need Assistance?

  • For assistance with computer-related issues,  e-mail or call 715-261-6210. 
  • Some issues may need to be addressed at Central IT in Madison. To contact them directly:

Central IT Service Center
Toll free: 1-888-893-9892

University Computer Use Policies

Use of the UW Colleges and Extension computing systems are a privilege. Computer resources for these institutions are to be used for legal business and learning activity, and may not be used for purposes which are illegal, unethical or damaging to the reputation of the University or its members. For further details, please see UW Colleges Information Technology Policies.