Self Help Guide

Counseling staff have compiled a Self Help Guide for students that addresses common issues college students face. The following topics can be found in the document:

  • What are the Rules of Civility in Social Media?
  • Coping With Change - Change Your Mind About Change!
  • Coping With Stress - Stress-Less!
  • Seven Ideas to Handle Stress
  • Helpful Reminders for Reducing Test Anxiety
  • Individuation
  • Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD
  • What’s the Difference Between Being “Down in the Dumps” and Clinical Depression?
  • Falling In Love?
  • Why Do I Always Get Sick During Exams?
  • Overcoming Self Doubt
  • Motivation
  • The Five Stages of Grief & Loss
  • Overcoming Emotional Road-Blocks
  • Cutting the Pain