Additional Resources

Behaviors Suggesting a Health/Safety Risk

Hostile, aggressive or otherwise disruptive behavior; overt references to suicide; evidence of self-harming behavior; threats or references to harming others; inability to communicate clearly; disjointed thoughts, garbled or slurred speech, loss of contact with reality; seeing or hearing things that are not there; comments idolizing school shooters, etc. 

UWMC Behavioral Intervention Team

Please contact one of the following people if you are concerned about something happening at UWMC:

  • Katie Kalish - 715-261-6258
  • Kristine McCaslin - 715-261-6222
  • Brittany Hook - Housing and Residence Life: 715-261– 6136
  • Solution Center715-261-6235 or Toll-free 1-888-FOR-UWMC

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