Electronic versions of committee bylaws, agendas & minutes will be posted here for the most recent academic year.

For prior documentation, please contact the Dean's office by emailing or or by calling 715-261-6221.

* = ex officio, voting member
** = ex officio, non-voting member
*** = student, voting member

Academic Actions Committee

  • Connie Sexauer, Hamid Milani, Penny Workman, Vang Her, student

Academic Honors

Admissions & Institutional Research

  • Ned Grossnickle, Jim McCluskey, Mark Hall, Jennie Strohm, student

Appeals & Grievance

  • Ann Herda Rapp, Penny Workman, Connie Sexauer, Mark Hall (alternate)


Athletic Committee


  • Budget Committee Bylaws
  • Diana Budde, Jeff Leigh, Kris Prahl, Jim Rosenberg, Justeen Mallo-Vollrath, Paul Whitaker, Mark Holdhusen, Assistant Dean for Admin Services (open)




Information & Instructional Technology

Promotion & Tenure

Research & Professional Development


  • Diana Budde, Louis Cordova, Brittany Hook, Scott Sargent, Assistant Dean for Admin Services

Scholarships & Awards

Steering Committee

  • Paul Whitaker (chair), Paul Martin, Sarah Rudolph, Chris Wilbur, Lou Pech, Lisa Michalec, Jennie Strohm, Keith Montgomery, student
  • Steering Committee Agenda 10-3-14

Senate (Faculty)

  • Holly Hassel, Katie Kalish, Mark Hall (alternate)

Wisconsin Collegiate Conference

  • Faculty Rep: Mark Hall

Investigating Officers