Sarah Rudolph

Sarah Rudolph

Communications-Theatre Arts

CCE 219
(715) 261-6290


Presentation Topics
  • Preparing to¬†Audition: Whether auditioning for a competitive university acting program or for a role at school, learn techniques for presenting yourself and showcasing your vocal, physical, emotional abilities to bring meaning to material. (A variation on this workshop offers ways to use theatre activities to build confidence in any public performance, particularly public speaking.)
  • Trends in Contemporary Theatre: Explore the range of theatre active today: from the Broadway Blockbuster to experimental theatre, from highly structured to improvisational, exploring everything from the most profound to the broadest physical comedy. (Lecture/discussion can be adapted to the specific needs of your class, group; and can include reading and improvisation.)
  • Representation of Mental Illness on Stage: Some say those with mental illness are the last "safe" population to mock, ridicule. Much thought has been given to how race/ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation is featured in television, film and stage. Fascinating dynamics exist in the shifting perceptions of mental illness as it becomes better understood and less taboo.
  • Devising Short Plays: Explore various ways to turn your ideas into performance. Students will have the opportunity to work on creating new material or refining material that is in process.

These presentations/workshops can be adapted for students in late elementary, middle, and high schools.