Jill Stukenberg

Jill Stukenberg

Assistant Professor

RM 323

(715) 261-6277


Presentation Topics
  • Creative Writing Workshops for All Age and Skill Levels. Workshops might focus on: image, sensory details, compelling characters, point of view; or genre types: poetry, short story, creative nonfiction, short plays. Also: How to read and understand poetry, Ways to approach revision, Mining life for material.
  • Brainstorming Sessions. Facilitate sessions to help your group come up with new approaches, paper topic ideas, or solutions to problems. Sessions can also promote group cohesion or out-of-the-box thinking, or simply help participants think in general about their own creativity and ability to think divergently.
  • Evaluating Websites: How to judge the credibility of what you find online.
  • Writing Introductions and Conclusions to Academic Essays.
  • Punctuation Primer: When and how to use commas, dashes, semi-colons, and colons and for what effects in writing.
  • Judging. Writing, art, debate, pie-eating. (I may be able to serve as a judge or help create a rubric (criteria) for use in judging.)