Ann Herda-Rapp

Ann Herda-Rapp


RM 306
(715) 261-6269


Curriculum Vitae 

Ph.D. in Sociology -- University of Illinois (1998)
MS in Sociology -- Southern Illinois University (1994)
BSE -- University of Wisconsin - Whitewater (1990)

Presentation Topics
  • The Sociology of Gender: An overview of the topic or specific subtopics (work, education, family, etc.)
  • The Social Construction of Environmental Issues: Which environmental issues do we worry about and why?
  • Technology, Social Media and Community: Do cell phones, the Internet and social media foster a sense of community or do they erode it?
  • What Can I Do With a Sociology (or Human Services or Social Work) Major? And how do I choose which university to attend for one of these majors?