Scholarship Auditions

Woodchucks National Anthem

Students interested in pursing a degree in music are encouraged to audition for a music scholarship.

2015 Scholarship Auditions took place on Sunday, March 1st.  

If you missed this date and are still interested in being heard by the music faculty for potential future scholarships, please contact Dr. Buchholz.

Please email Dr. Timothy Buchholz to set up a scholarship audition time.

Audition Requirements


Prepare two contrasting vocal pieces with piano accompaniment. At least one should be a classical aria or art song. The second may be from the musical theater repertoire. You may bring your own accompanist, otherwise, one will be provided for you. 

Wind and String Instruments

Prepare two pieces in contrasting styles and be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge of scales.

Piano and Guitar

Prepare two contrasting pieces of moderate difficulty.


Prepare both a snare solo and a mallet solo.

Additional Jazz Scholarship Auditions

Prepare two contrasting jazz standards and a 12-bar blues. Be prepared to improvise on the blues and at least one of the standards.