Getting Started

Thank you for choosing to continue your education with the University of Wisconsin–Marathon County. This site was designed to assist our student-veterans in the initiation of their educational benefits process.

All student veterans must follow the first five steps. (Since each veteran’s benefits vary, steps 5, 7, and 8 may not apply to you.) 

Step 1 

Apply for admission (If possible, you should apply 180 days before the term you wish to attend.)

Step 2 

Request Transcripts

  • Follow the Admissions guidelines to request transcripts from prior schools. (Contact prior schools early to ensure transcripts are received by Student Affairs in a timely manner.)
  • Also request Military Transcripts

Note: Transcripts coming from another state take about 2-3 weeks and overseas take about 6-7 weeks.

Step 3 

Placement testing must be taken unless Math/English courses were taken at a previous university. (Schedule placement tests as early as possible.)

Step 4 

Register for classes (Follow the Registration Process & Dates.)

Step 5

Non-resident students could be eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program and are strongly encouraged to apply for financial aid if further assistance is needed to help pay for non-resident tuition and fees. For further information, please contact Veteran Services Coordinator Tiffany Schoenfeldt in Student Affairs  at (715) 261-6240.

Step 6

Apply for Federal VA Benefits via VONAPP. You may visit your County Veterans Service Office to assist you in the application process and discuss which benefit(s) you may be eligible for. If possible, you should apply 90 days before the beginning of a term.

Note: Bring copy of DD Form 214 to the CVSO. (Apply 90 days before the beginning of the term.)

Step 7

Contact the County Veterans Service Office for initiation of State Benefits.

Step 8 

Apply for financial aid. (Apply as soon after January 1 as possible for the academic year that begins the following September.)

Step 9 

Bring in all necessary forms related to your particular benefits (see State Benefits and/or Federal Benefits) to Tiffany Schoenfeldt in Student Affairs

Step 10

Enjoy your classes at the University of Wisconsin-Marathon County!