Orientation is a very special time on campus because it is an opportunity for us to welcome you into our community and assist you in making the smoothest transition possible. Through an exciting and informative program of activities and events, orientation will help you build relationships with fellow new students, returning students, faculty, and staff.

As you acclimate to the campus and the location where you will live, study, relax, and play, you will also learn many important aspects of campus life, including:

  • what faculty expect and how to become a successful student;
  • the student services and academic advising that UWMC provides;
  • your rights and responsibilities as a student;
  • how to get involved in campus life outside the classroom;
  • the lay-out of the University campus, view a campus map;
  • how to access important information, particularly through our website and the campus web portal, PRISM;
  • common terminology used by students, faculty, staff, and alumni

If you have any questions about the Orientation program, please feel free to contact us by phone at (715) 261-6100 or by e-mail: uwmc@uwc.edu.