Student Position Listings

For Work Study positions, students must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and be accepted before applying.


* Work Study
+ Non-Work Study
*+ Both

Art Department

Office & Art Studio Assistant

Description: Sweep art studio buildings; pulling, scanning, labeling slides for art classes; possibly some set-up and dismantling of drawing/painting still-life displays; some studio equipment maintenance.

Hours per week: 5-10 (flexible); Work/Study position.

Qualifications: Commitment for full academic year preferred; command of the alphabet.

Contacts: Tom Fleming, Art Studio 202, 715-261-6203 or Diana Budde, Art Studio 105, 715-261-6300 or Diana Budde, Art Studio 105, 715-261-6300 for more information.

Athletic Department*+

Positions: Home Event Management, Athletic Secretary, Evening Fieldhouse Attendant, Fitness Center Supervisor, Intramural League Official

Hours per week: Variable, between 7 am - 9 pm

ContactBill Gibbs, 715-261-6314, Fieldhouse 114 for further details.

For Lifeguarding positions, contactAbby Dunham, Fieldhouse 106, 715-261-6311


Kitchen Assistant*+

Hours per week: Variable, M-F between 7 am - 6:30 pm; weekends between 11 am - 6:30 pm

Duties: Various positions, including cooking, dish room, cash register and clean up. Desire to learn food handling techniques required.

Contact: Jeri Blumenstein, 715-261-6216

Continuing Education

Clerical Assistant*

Hours per week: 8-16 (flexible)

Duties: Telephone receptionist, photocopying, filing, computer data entry, and other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Keyboard accuracy, ability to make a positive impression when communicationg with the general public. Work/Study position.

Contact: Vickie Richmond Hawkins, Room CCE 202-H, 715-261-6309


Library Student Assistant*

Hours per week: approximately 8-10

Duties: Work in the library between the hours of 7:40 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Staff the circulation desk and assist students and staff with checking out items and reserve materials. Assist patrons with using the photocopier and answer general computer questions including logging on, saving files, printing, D2L, and e-mail. Student assistants will be taught to assist patrons in using the online catalog and online article databases. Each student worker may be given individual responsibilities and special projects.

Qualifications: Ability to make a positive impression to the public, a willingness to help people, good communications skills including telephone skills. Student must possess the confidence to work with limited supervision during the evening hours. Full training will be provided to students on all equipment and library resources. Punctuality and acceptance of responsibility is a must! The student assistant is a key element in providing resources for others. Work/Study position.

Contact: Justeen Mallo, Library (Room 250), 715-261-6202

Information Technology 

Computer Lab/Distance Education Assistant*

Hours per week: approximately 8-10, Work/Study

Duties: Staff the computer lab and oversee distance education classes between the hours of 7:30 am and 9:00 pm, Monday-Friday. Assist students and staff with general computer use, including logging on, saving files, printing, D2L, and email. Workers will assist students and faculty with audio-visual equipment, work with distance education classes, and help with special projects as needed.

Qualifications: Ability to make a positive impression to the public, a willingness to help people, good communication skills. Full training will be provided on all equipment and resources. Punctuality and acceptance of responsibility is a must! The student assistant is a key element in providing resources for others. Work/Study position.

Contact: Kelly Mulder, Room 214, 715-261-6204

Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications Assistant*

Hours per week: 10-12 (Work/Study position)

Duties: Prepare and distribute campus newsletter, posters, programs and other projects as needed.

Qualifications: PC skills necessary, graphic design/layout software program(s) a plus, dependability a must.

Contact: Brian Becker, Room 216, 715-261-6296

Student Affairs

Front Desk Employee*

Hours per week: 8-12

Duties: Operate phone system, schedule appointments, get student files ready for next day’s appointments, give directions around campus and city, assist students with general questions, schedule campus tours to prospective students, give out general information about events on campus, and other tasks as assigned.

Qualifications: Friendly, dependable, courteous, punctual, good communication and organization skills, willingness to help people, good at following directions, ability to work on a team and to handle difficult situations. .

Contact: Jennifer Strohm, Room 150, 715-261-6239.

Student Union

Counter Attendant*+

Hours per week: 8-12

Duties: Prepare food at snack counter (frozen sandwiches, pizzas, ice cream, soda, etc.), operate cash register, clean up tables and serving area, and help out with Union activities.

Contact: Kristine McCaslin, Room 190, 715-261-6212.