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Name Department Contact
Gentry-Siegel, Miranda
Associate Lecturer
(715) 261-6184
Gibbs, William
Facilities Maintenance Spec-Adv; Basketball Coach
Maintenance, Athletics
(715) 261-6314
Giordano, Eric
Associate Professor; Program Director, WIPPS
Political Science, Other Faculty-Staff
(715) 261-6388
Giordano, Joanne
Senior Lecturer
(715) 261-6270
Greenberg, Matt
Student Activities Coord & Advisor
Student Affairs
Greenwood, Jean
Emeritus Coord, Lecture & Fine Art
Other Faculty-Staff
Greenwood, John
WIIPPS Consultant; Associate Lecturer
Student Government, Psychology-Education
(715) 261-6367
Gregori, Eduardo
Assistant Professor
World Languages
(715) 261-6274
Grewe, Paul
Associate Lecturer
(715) 261-6251
Grossnickle, Nevin
Biological Sciences
(715) 261-6281